Grim's Dyke Golf Club


Course Status

Course closed today and Friday 23rd due to heavy rain. Next inspection Saturday morning. Updated: 22nd Feb 2024

Sat 24
Sun 25
Mon 26
Tue 27
Wed 28

Pace of Play

Rules of Golf - Rule 5.6b. Prompt pace of play

A round of golf is meant to be played at a prompt pace.

Your pace of play is likely to affect how long it will take other players to play their rounds, including both those in your group and those in following groups.

You are encouraged to allow faster groups to play through.

Pace of Play Recommendations

You should play at a prompt pace throughout the round, including the time taken to:

  • Prepare for and make each stroke,
  • Move from one place to another between strokes, and
  • Move to the next teeing area after completing a hole.

You should prepare in advance for your next stroke and be ready to play when it is your turn.

Playing Out of Turn to Help Pace of Play (Ready Golf)

In stroke play, play "ready golf" in a safe and responsible way.

In match play, you and your opponent may agree that one of you will play out of turn to save time.

General Play

Leading matches have a responsibility to set the pace for the rest of the field.
Make up ground on the match in front of you after playing a short hole.

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